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Monday, December 5, 2011

fruits pincushions

Last Tuesday, i went to KL and i bought a magazine 'MOLLIE makes'at MPH bookstore in Alamanda. I like the handmade pincushions which are very cute.It was shown how to make apple and pear pincushions from cotton fabric.To make it firm, you can put iron-on interfacing.You can cut six separate panels( like doing quilting).The shape of the panels should be something like a normal leaf, wide in the middle and narrow at both ends. After sewing all the panels together,put in the filling of cotton or the synthetic fibre. Sew the button at the centre of the apple and pull it tight to form a dimple at the top and bottom. Later, you may attach the stalk and the leaf..tadaaa! you can put or poke your pins used for sewing ( i am sure your feet will be safe and sound from being hurt by the pins!}

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