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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recycling old clothes by beads embroidery

Dear friends,

In order to create beads embroidery, it needs patience and creativity as it will take a long time to complete. Now, clothings with beads embroidery is considered to be very fashionable which display uniqueness.

Yessss...shhh! you can recycle your old clothes by spicing it up with beads. I am sure it will certainly look better and now you have another 'new' outfit!

I tell you another SECRET, if you are already bored with that dress, you can recycle the BEADS.
You can unpick the beads. stones and crystals on your old clothes and sew another new patterns on your new clothes. Economical isn't it? We are good housewives! so congratulate ourselves for saving money. Beading is fun.


  1. hai..salam perkenalan..:)

    sy dtg dari SAHABAT BLOGGER..

    anda ambil tempahan ke?

  2. Dear Rina, ya saya memang ambil tempahan tapi skarang dah full until Raya..after that ok.