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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

crochet yarn

Last two days, i went to Malacca. i went to Mewah Kristal at Jalan Bunga Raya off Jalan Bendahara to buy beads,crystals and pearl beads.The beads is MGB of Matsuno Brand from Japan.On the same lane (opposite the shop) i went to another shop selling craft items..i bought beautiful crochet yarn..five balls.. on the way back, i regretted for not buying more!On the following day,i went to Muar town and tried to find a handicraft shop to buy similar yarns..but the choice is quite limited.Again, i bought 15 happy to purchase them..i managed to finish 5 telephone pouches and i hope to complete my crocheted bag soon.Of course,i am not deviating from my original theme 'beads and embroidery' because the final touch for the crafts is decorating them with beads,buttons,pearls or sew embroideries.After buying the yarns,i entered an old antic Chinese bookshop. As usual i browsed through the books hunting for crochet or embroidery books..luckily, i spotted two old (almost yellow) Ondori Japan books, but the designs of the embroideries are all beautiful!I did bargain but i have yet to pay RM50 for two books..yes..the price is never antic.
Those days,i used to collect Ondori books,but now I end up only one with me! Why?..because people only like to borrow but never like to return.Do you agree with me?

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  1. The crochet yarn you bought at malacca cost you how much? What is the shop name? Im crazy with crochet...^^