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Saturday, May 28, 2011


On 11th Jun i will attend a course in sewing beads on dresses or our traditional clothes called baju kurung in Kota Bharu, organised by Imass.The cost is RM150.Never mind at least i can learn something new.So far i m not sure whether i did my beadwork correctly or not. Actually i have been involved in beadings since the last seven years and now becoming more serious in this field as i can earn extra money...not a lot but i just enjoy and love doing it..or should i say 'do with love'..sounds funny right? what more important is satisfaction.I am proud to see my work and especially admired by other people.Sometimes i wonder why some poor people said no money! why can't they be creative and do some craftwork to sell? There i will learn new designs like Crumble and 3D designs.Hopefully, next time i can organize such course too!

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