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Saturday, June 18, 2011


My dear faithful visitors..i think all of us often stress due to so many upcomings such as bored clarical work, 'have to do' house chores,'lazy' children,traffic jam, unfavourable boss,updating files,frequent meetings bla bla...anyway that's life. So,we have to find ways to overcome or lessen stress.we must have time for ourselves,we must love ourselves,we must pamper ourselves.Example? so many things on earth! -make new clothes, -buy wonderful brooch (Ozel 0r gold one!)
-buy new lipstick 0r compact powder(if u like)
-visit hair saloon
-go shopping alone and buy what you like (not with your children please!)
-read novels by favourite authors (Danielle Steel,Judith Mcnaught and you will cry for the story!)
-so long you have been neglecting your crochet balls, your beloved old sewing machine and you can start sewing..he..he.. sewing again.Make simple cushion from flowery pink roses cotton materials
-gardening? yes..beautiful colourful orchids, roses,petunia or even the simplest mother-in-laws tongue!
-cook family's favourite menu
so..stress no more..first of all LOVE OURSELVES..right?

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