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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Don't be surprise to read the topic eh? just to share with you the dilemma of giving a name to a going-to-be shop. i have a difficult time to think of a name to the new shop.what is the most suitable name to be given to a  shop to sell beads and sewing accessories such as  many kinds of threads, buttons,and bla..bla. i thought of a name THE BUTTONS..but my hubby said you are not going to sell only buttons! So i shifted to THE BEADS.. and as usual he said the people have to look at a dictionary to know the meaning of beads. I began to find another name MANIK COMEL meaning beautiful beads, again he said that's too what else should i put it? LADIES CORNER?..that means your shop must be very noisy with ladies' voices..ha! ha! do you have any suggestion as i am tired of thinking about it.

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