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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bag addict

Last month, as I have mentioned earlier that I attended Zila Kassim's BAG class.I have just finished sewing a handbag made from Japanese cotton material. For the inner part of the bag, I put iron-on interfacing to make the bag firm or stay in shape ( I am not sure of the exact word). Last week, I went to buy the interfacing at a shop selling sewing accessories..I bought 1 metre for the hard one and another 1 metre of the softer one.I started to cut the material and iron-on the interfacing.I make four patterns. I mixed and matched the plain material with flowery or polkadot. Actually, it is not easy to choose to make it look beautiful or outstanding.I just cut and cut but I do not know when to start sewing as I am so busy with other work.I had ordered Olfa Rotary Cutter, the ruler and the grid cutting mat.I asked her to bring during class at the end of the month.I just can't wait to use it as it is easier than using the scissors.


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  3. Dear TheCottonBags and Max, thank you for visiting my site and drop your positive comments..welcome again!