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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Time

We had a great time yesterday, attending a sewing class conducted by Zila Kasim . Ten of us participated and of course it is fun! a good combination of those who knew how to sew and the very beginners who used to scream at every phase..Jaja said 'ohh yeah!'
Piza with her cool way but never finished her bag!..suzanne was so allergic to sewing until she got headache and vomit on finishing her patchwork and quilt. Anna also got tense up.Ju was so patient to finish hers..Zainedah was frustrated that her sewing machine was down..she called the mechanic to repair.Anyhow we got a lot of knowledge and tips while finishing our projects..thank you Zila. I also bought Rotary Cutter, omnigrid ruler and cutting mat.Also not forgetting to buy Amy Buttler's designer cotton from her.I was so happy.Today, Piza, Che Nah and friends straight away went to buy sewing machine! Love at first sight. I kept on whispering to myself to be patient not to buy another new machine...

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